The TZ range of products is a comprehensive collection of diversified production machinery, such as extrusion press, hydraulic forging press, hydraulic stamping press, steel wheel production line, in addition to several others, please contact us for our complete product offering. TZ offers our customers a full range of customizable equipment solutions.

We have designed and developed several varieties of extrusion presses, such as aluminum extrusion press,copper extrusion press, non-ferrous extrusion press and carbon extrusion press. They are available in a full range of specifications from 5MN to 235MN. With more than 60 years of industry related experience and manufacturing expertise, our company has achieved a sales volume of over 400 equipment sets. We produce a diverse range of hydraulic forging presses in capacities ranging from 31.5MN to 200MN. This product range includes but not limited to open-die forging press, high-speed forging press, closed-die forging press, and so forth. Today, we are proud to announce that our 125MN high-speed forging press and other machines have been at the forefront of worldwide technological advancement.

75MN short-stroke aluminum alloy extrusion press

55MN double-action aluminum alloy extrusion press

36MN aluminum alloy extruder

36MN aluminum alloy extrusion line